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Bulldog Bulletin #11 May 2017

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Oh my gosh… 

Thinking about next year already!  

Please read on…

School Fees 2017 – 2018

Each school year, parents support their child(ren)’s formal learning experiences in a wide variety of ways.  We appreciate all that you do to ensure a successful year!

In addition to providing the school supplies itemized on a grade list, parents are periodically asked for monies to cover specific items and/or special events.  No student will be denied the opportunity to participate in any school activity due to the inability to pay.  Please contact the Principal should you require any financial assistance.

As we plan for the upcoming school year, we anticipate the following costs:

Student Planner:  We encourage all students in Grades 1-7 to purchase a School Planner at a cost of $2.00.  “As part of the provincial student learning grant, the student planner has been reduced from $5 to $2 for the 2017-18 school year. The remaining funds from this learning grant have been used to provide learning resources to schools.”  Included in the planner is our school code of conduct, school calendar and school district information. We find this to be an excellent tool for facilitating home/school communication, as well as for developing our students’ organizational skills.  However, using our school planner is optional as a parent may purchase their own version.

Field Studies and Field Trips:  Classes often enjoy educational visits to community facilities which extend and enhance the curriculum.  While we use school monies or fundraise to cover the costs of such activities wherever possible, there are times when parents are asked to contribute towards the cost of the trip.  If you choose to have your child not participate in a field study, a suitable program will be provided at the school.

Musical Instruments: Our Grade 7 students who  take band either purchase or rent an instrument.  Costs will vary depending on the instrument.

School Supplies:

Parents have the option of purchasing their child’s school supplies on their own utilizing the grade supply list or for your convenience you may wish to purchase supplies as a package through School Start.  Payment is made directly to School Start. Costs for supplies vary based on grade.  Order forms will be sent home next week and will be due by June 16th.

School Calendar 2017 – 2018


September 5  –  School Opens  Students in Session 10:00  to 11:00am 

September 20 –  Photo Day

September 25 –  Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

October 5  –  Meet the Teacher/Country Dance

October 9 –  Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 18 –  Interim Report #1 & Photo Re-take day

October 20 –  Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

November 3 –  Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

November 9 – Remembrance Day Assembly, 10:30 a.m.

November 10 – Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

November 13 –  Remembrance Day Holiday

November 30  – Early Dismissal 1:30 – Curriculum Collaboration

December 5 – Formal Report #1

December 19 – Early Dismissal 1:30 p.m. – Parent Teacher    Conferences

December 22 – Last Day Before Winter Vacation

December 25 – January 5  – Winter Vacation


January 8 – School Re-opens after Winter Vacation

February 12 – Family Day Holiday

February 16 –  Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

March 1 – Early Dismissal at 1:30 – Curriculum Collaboration

March 12 –  Report #2

March 19 –  March 29        Spring Vacation

March 30 – Good Friday

April 2 – Easter Monday

April 3 – School Re-Opens

April 25 – Interim Report #2 Student Led Conferences

May 4 – Non-instructional Day – No School for Students

May 21 – Victoria Day Holiday

May 28 – Non-Instructional Day – No School for Students

June 28 –  Report #3 Early Dismissal at 1:30 p.m. – Parent Teacher Conferences
 June 28 – Last Day of School for Students

June 29 –  Administrative Day – No School for Students


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