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Let’s Fight Bullying!

Posted on Feb 24, 2016 in Student Showcase | 5 comments

Fight Bullying


“Division 2 created a video for anti-bullying day. We used Fight Song by Rachel Platten as we felt she had a strong message about inner strength. The video shows 3 bullying stories. One is about cyber bullying, another is about the start of Pink Shirt Day, and the last story is about bullying through exclusion.” (written by Div. 2)


Here’s the video (written, directed, shot, and edited by the students of Div. 2):



  1. Great job on the video MS.Gardener’s class

    • I hope you do it again next year

      • I love this song.Great job Ms.Gardeners class keep it up

  2. Doc 2 is good

  3. Div 2 is the best

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