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Super Readers 2016

Posted on Oct 3, 2016 in School News | 0 comments

superreaders 1

Super Readers starts on October 1, 2016!

What is Super Readers? It’s T.E. Scott’s very own reading reward program.

Every student in the school will start with one Super Readers sheet. After one night of reading (15 minutes for Primary students (K-Gr. 3) and 30 minutes for Intermediate students), a parent will write his/her initials in one box and write the date. After 25 nights of reading, your child will cut the sheet in half and bring it to the Learning Commons during his/her regular library time. And for every 25 nights of reading, students will get one punch on their Super Readers bookmark.

Prizes will be awarded at certain milestones (25 nights, 100 nights, 200 nights, and 250 nights). And the more you read, the more prizes you will get!


The emphasis of the Super Readers Program is on reading for fun, so time spent reading textbooks or novels that have been assigned for homework does not count. However, reading picture books, chapter books, newspapers, magazines, eBooks, comics, graphic novels, and non-fiction books does count!

We hope you will encourage your child to participate in the T.E. Scott Super Reader Program! If you have any questions, feel free to drop by the Learning Commons and talk to Mr. Poon.


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