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2014-2015 Staff List

Posted on Sep 6, 2014 in Meet the Staff | 0 comments



Name Position
Ms. McCuaig Principal
Ms. Ellis Vice-Principal
Ms. Mackenzie Head Secretary
Ms. Zarin Clerk



Division Teacher Grade
1 Mr. Dann Gr. 6/7
2 Ms. Gardner Gr. 6/7
3 Ms. Zacher Gr. 6/7
4 Ms. Jickling Gr. 6/7
5 Mr. Dunn Gr. 5/6
6 Ms. Singhera Gr. 5
7 Ms. Rupi Gill Gr. 4
8 Ms. Carlos Gr. 4
9 Ms. A. Gill / Ms. Watkins Gr. 4
10 Ms. Ronnie Gill Gr. 3
11 Ms. Singh Gr. 3
12 Ms. Bibrich Gr. 2
13 Ms. Nikkel Gr. 2
14 Ms. Branigan Gr. 2
15 Ms. Nasserjah Gr. 1
16 Ms. Fuller / Ms. Koehler Gr. 1
17 Ms. Litfin / Ms. Velonis Gr. 1
18 Ms. Oliver K
19 Ms. Salary K
20 Ms. Luhmann K
Ms. Kamarn FSL (French)
Ms. Marriott Core Music
Mr. Poon Learning Commons
Ms. Stone LST
Ms. Palak LST
Ms. Thom LST
Ms. Coleman LST
Ms. Genschorek Counsellor


Support Staff

Name Position
Mr. Gomez Child Care Worker
Mr. Hunter Child Care Worker (Aboriginal)
Ms. Sheridan ABA Support Worker
Ms. Dhami ABA Support Worker
Ms. Ahmadi ABA Support Worker
Ms. S. Gill ABA Support Worker
Ms. Baker Education Assistant
Ms. Bhasin Education Assistant
Ms. Liberto Education Assistant
Ms. Peardon Education Assistant
Ms. Black Education Assistant
Ms. Curtis Education Assistant
Ms. Debnar Education Assistant

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