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PAC June Newsletter revised…

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 in Bulldog Bulletin | 0 comments

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T.E. SCOTT PAC for 2016-2017 SCHOOL YEAR

President: Dal Dhillon                                                                            

Vice President: Nancy Bahia

Secretary: Norman Gluck                                                                      Treasurer:  Reno Sihota

Hot Lunch Committee: Jaquie Malm, Hollea Larochelle    Fundraising: Gurpreet Kahlon


As we come to the end of another school year, the PAC would like to thank our school community for the continued generous support of our school.  With fundraising money the
Pac paid for the following:

Pac Fundraising Funds:

$4,480.00            Classroom Resources/Field trip for teachers

$1,000.00            Principals Discretionary Fund

$1,000.00            SEA/ABA Support

$1,000.00            Family Discretionary Fund

$500.00                 LST (5 teachers)

$100.00                 Music teacher

$100.00                 French teacher

$100.00                 Childcare worker

$100.00                 Aboriginal worker

$300.00                 Kindergarten graduation

$567.00                 Grade 7 graduation

Gaming Funds:

$856.80                 Buses for cross country

$337.87                 Super reader pens

$384.16                 Super reader medals

$3,780.00            Dance lessons

$358.82                 Soccer and basketballs

$207.87                 Freezies and ice for sports day

$1,956.29            3D printer

$447.99                 Popcorn maker

$2,209.21             Microphone system for gym


We raised $12,340.00 – this is the most profit we have ever made:

We would like to thank everyone for participating and a special thanks to our top sellers:

Top Three Student Sellers:

1st Place           Harman of Div 1                     Sold 19 cases

2nd Place           Raina of Div 3                        Sold 17 cases

3rd Place           Sabeeka of Div 21                  Sold 11 cases


Honorable Mentions:

Himmat of Div 15       10 cases sold

Fateh of Div 7             10 cases sold

Gaurav of Div 13         7 cases sold

Liyah of Div 7              7 cases sold

Selena of Div 8            7 cases sold

Sahib of Div 9              6 cases sold

Jeevan of Div 12           6 cases sold

Armaan of Div 3          5 cases sold

Avleen of Div 14           4 cases sold

Harjosh of Div 11         4 cases sold

Khryss of Div 8             4 cases sold

Cassidy of Div 8            4 cases sold

Sean of Div 5                4 cases sold



The PAC executives would like to thank all the parents who helped out with PAC events this year.  We couldn’t do it without you.  If you are interested in helping please look for information to attend the next PAC meetings at the start of the new school year.  We look forward to meeting with new parents in the fall. Have a great summer and we look forward to seeing you in September.



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