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Happy New Year!

Posted on Jan 4, 2016 in Bulldog Bulletin | 0 comments

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Happy 2016!

What a BEAUTIFUL Day to start back at school!  The smiles and Happy New Year wishes  were lovely to see and hear this morning!  I hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful holiday filled with family, friends, fun and of course some time to relax.  To our TE Scott Community we wish you a New Year filled with Peace, Happiness and Good Health!  


PALS 2016 sessions…

This program is for preschool-aged children and their parents/caregivers. These sessions include:

  • 6 sessions for parents/caregivers and their three- and four-year old children

  • take-home materials

  • snacks for children and adults

  • time to have fun and connect with other parents/families.

The PALS program is based on valuing families and enhancing their strengths. There is no cost for the sessions and take-home materials.   We would like to see you at all sessions!

 This is your invitation to attend 6 sessions at TE Scott Elementary to help you support your child’s literacy development.

All sessions will take place on Mondays from 1:00 – 2:15 p.m.

Please register for these sessions by calling TE Scott 604 596-0357

 Session 1   January 11, 2016  Learning to Write

 Session 2   February 15, 2016 Early Math

 Session 3   March 7, 2016 Linking Literacy and Play

Session 4   April 11, 2016  Ready, Set, Learn!

Session 5  May 9, 2016  ABC’s and Learning

Reminder: This program is for preschool aged children


September Kindergarten Kids!

It is time to register for SCHOOL!

Registration for children who will be 5 years of age during 2016 will begin January 18th. Registrations will only be accepted for students who live in our catchment. If you have a child who is eligible to begin Kindergarten in September, please be sure that you register As Soon As Possible to guarantee your child’s placement. Also, if you know of neighbourhood children who qualify for registration, please pass on this message to their parents. Please bring the original birth certificate, care card, proof of address and guardianship.   If possible, please bring immunization records for your child. We also require birth certificate, passport, or immigration papers of the parents of the child that is registering. Photocopies will be taken and the originals returned to you.


Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA)

Important Information for Parents

FSA testing for our  grade 4 and 7 students will begin  at the beginning of  February…please read on to find out more about this Provincial Assessment.

What is the Foundation Skills Assessment?

All students in Grades 4 and 7 in B.C. take part in the Foundation Skills Assessment (FSA), an annual assessment of reading comprehension, writing and numeracy (math skills). The assessments are based on the provincial curriculum and are developed by classroom teachers. The main purpose of the assessment is to help the Ministry of Education, school districts and schools track how well students are learning core academic skills. The information is used by the ministry, the district and by schools in planning for improvement. The FSA provides a snapshot of how well students have learned important basic skills at a particular point in time. The information is best used together with teacher assessments and other school information.

When do we see FSA results?

For the current school year, the FSA will be administered in January and February. By the end of the school year, district and school-level results will be made available to schools and the public. Individual student results, along with the answer booklets, will be sent home with students by the end of March. This will give parents the opportunity to see the assessment items and how their child responded. Again, this is only a snapshot and does not provide a complete picture of your child’s ability. That information is best obtained from your child’s teacher.

Does the FSA count toward students’ marks?

No. The results show a student’s skills at a particular point in time. They are not related to marks in a specific subject or grade level but show progress in the development of foundations skills across grades and curriculum areas. For example, students read in science and social studies as well as in language arts and they work with numbers in activities or subjects besides math.

Who writes the FSA?

All Grade 4 and 7 students are expected to write the FSA. The only exceptions are: a) students who have Individual Education Plans (IEPs) documenting a disability that significantly impacts their performance in reading, writing or numeracy; b) students with IEPs who would need extensive adaptations (e.g., readers, scribes); or c) ESL students who have not yet reached a level of proficiency sufficient for them to provide meaningful responses. Principals determine which students, if any, are excused. If it is recommended that your child be excused from one or more components, you will be contacted prior to the beginning of the assessment. If you wish further clarification, please consult your school principal. Students are encouraged to do their best as this helps the province and school district make informed decisions about how best to provide resources to schools in order to support learners.

Where can I get more information?

Information will be provided by the district and your school. You can also find information on the Ministry of Education’s web site at .

If you have any questions regarding the FSA s please contact our Vice Principal Mr. Don Chila.


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