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Bulldog Parent Letter September 2017

Posted on Sep 13, 2017 in Bulldog Bulletin | 0 comments

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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Dear TE Scott Families,

Your children will be coming home with BIG news today.  It will start something like this …  “Guess what? My new teacher is…!”  

Thank you to all of our TE Scott staff who have made this September’s start up run so smoothly. Our teachers have worked long hours this past week getting their classrooms and curricula ready. Thank you parents for your patience during the first week of school. As you know, we were required to wait for confirmation from the District regarding our final staffing before we placed our students in their 2017 – 2018 classes. Our entire staff has spent many, many hours over this past week to determine the most appropriate placement for each student.   We have carefully created and reviewed our classes so that they are balanced with students’ academic and social needs in mind. 

As with all changes, you can expect your children to have feelings about their new class. Some may be excited while others may be feeling a little anxious.  Please, be patient with your children while they adjust to their new class.  Let them know that you believe in their ability to adapt, make new friends, and build a wonderful relationship with their teacher.  If you or your child has questions about where to line up, curriculum, routines, etc., please ask our teachers!  They want to make everyone feel comfortable and ready to learn.

 Tomorrow, we ask that all students line up at 8:30 in their newly designated outside area.   If you (parent) are not sure of which area …. please ask your child where they will be lining up. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with all of our TE Scott Community.

  • Our school day begins with our Welcome Bell at 8:35 am.    Being on time is so important for academic success! and… It is a GREAT way to begin your day!

With great appreciation for all you do to support your children and our school,

Susan McCuaig

Principal, TE Scott Elementary


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