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Bulldog Bulletin June 28, 2018

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Not a secret anymore….

For those of you who haven’t heard I am retiring this year.  I made this decision a couple of months ago with huge mixed emotions. I have enjoyed an amazing career here in Surrey.  I have loved being a teacher (I always consider myself a teacher), being a Vice Principal and for the last 14 years a Principal.  As I sit here trying to think of how to thank everyone for my 4 fantastic, SUPERFUN years here at TE Scott, I thought, wait a minute… I recently wrote a Thank you to TE Scott Staff and Students for honoring me last Friday at an assembly organized by “Secret Squirrel Productions” Director: Ms. Carlos and the entire TE Scott Staff and 559 students…. I would take this opportunity to share my Thank you note… Please read on…

OK Secret Squirrel Productions you certainly got me today… sure I had an idea something was going to happen …. A few hints here and there…. the crossed out calendar date in the office gave me pause and then when the “Dress Western” on Friday signs went up, I was thinking ok … some type of an assembly… maybe the staff will sing a song, maybe a poem… and we are done.  But man, I was so wrong…. Walking into our gym and seeing all of the beautiful and Superfun decorations, hearing everyone clapping, seeing all my staff and students dressed in western wear, and then having my grandchildren run to me…. The joy I felt right at that moment is impossible to describe…. I am so happy my family was there to witness this amazing send off because the energy in the gym just had to be seen, felt and heard.  Everything …. from the MCs, the poems, the music videos, the singing, the book, the dancing, “The Glitter” production (funny and yet so true), and the song that was written by the grade 1s — with your help Mr. Poon… every part of my Retirement Assembly was perfect… it felt like a gigantic hug from every student and staff member there!!  The beautiful painting fit the theme and I love it especially because everyone’s initials are on it.  I do realize the huge… no, the enormous amount of work that went into organizing and creating such a wonderful, thoughtful and may I say very emotional (for me) assembly.   I am tearing up just writing this note!  I will remember this send off and how wonderful it made me feel forever.  I do know that I will be telling the story of my retirement assembly over and over again to anyone who will listen.  How lucky am I to finish off my career at the BEST school in Surrey! Thank you TE Scott Team for making me feel so special!  I have loved working with each and every member of this TE Scott Community.  The staff here is 2nd to none with their dedication and commitment to student learning and success.  You, the parents are so supportive of all school initiatives and fundraising. 

Thank you, TE Scott Community, I will miss you all…


Susan McCuaig 


New Principal…

I am very happy to tell you that I am leaving TE Scott in good hands.  Mr. Darien Russell has been assigned to TE Scott.  He is an experienced educator.  He was the Principal at Hall’s Prairie Elementary, Coast Meridian Elementary and most recently at Creekside Elementary.  Mr. Russell is excited to be joining our team at TE Scott.  Please join me in welcoming him to this community. Mr. Russell and Mr. Chila will make a dynamic team!

TE Scott students continue to amaze us….

Congratulations to the following grade 4 to grade 6 students for their outstanding achievement during the 2017 – 2018 school year.

Academic Awards

Manreet Dhaliwal, Harveer Pank, Gavin Bassi, Navkiran Khosa, Arisha Junaid, Jasmeet Bindra, Samantha Carless, Zareina Manuzon, Shaan Sandhu, Amandeep Purewal, Taj Somal, Jai Sihota, Jenisa Kosar, Helina Zewdie, Bullen Kosa, Pranit Khaira, Hannah Mani, Gurshawn Batth, Raymon Bhatti, Adel Mahmood, Prabhmannat Sidhu, Tamanjot Sandhu, Jiya Biran

Citizenship Awards

Ishika Dhillon, Jeevan Sahota, Shania Chand, Sagar Jassal, Jessica Truong, Sidhak Jhangria, Mehtaab Makkar, Harina Gill, Anthony Truong, Dilroop Dhillon, Prabhleen Supra, Nitish Saroya, Harsevak Yadav, Reginald Capili, Rajvir Perhar, Taranvir Dhanoa, Saiya Gill, Sirath Bhangu, Khushneet Cheema, Selena Dhillon, Nuzhat Mursleen

Fine Arts Awards

Dilraj Dhillon, Navroop Gill, Hadia Mohammad-Shoaeb, Ezekiel Atwell, Neerav Bains, Daiya Athwal, Ambar Thapar, Rhea Prasad, Priyanka Rawat, Arjoi Atwal, Eunice Matta, Davin Nguyen, Lordgie Capili, Carisheila Collado, Diamond Arteaga-Escoto, Manveen Kaur, Himanshu Tripathi, Manroop Singh, Shubham Rawat, Samera Taraki, Navpreet Lal, Mehakpreet Kaur

On to Highschool…

Congratulations to our grade 7s. As our future leaders it is your time to impact the world.  No matter which path you choose for your career, be sure to make your mark a positive one and remember we all expect BIG things.  It has been privilege being your principal and I will carry fond memories of you always. 

Special congratulations to the following grade 7s…

Fine Arts Award

Rosanne Heart Alinsod, Kaysar Gill, Gmo Kurd, Rajdeep Lal, Manjot Lidder, Judd Moreno, Dylan Nguyen

Citizenship Award

Natali Baranowsky, Luis Chavez Ramos, Ishta Chopra, Prabhakum Gill, Harman Kular, Jonathan Nguyen, Uttam Sharma, Dylan Nguyen, Judd Moreno, George Jacob

Athletic Award

Dilnoor Cheema, Saaya Gill, Harvin Powar, Aleena Shaikh, Gurshan Somal

Academic Award

Dilnoor Cheema, Ishta Chopra, Dhiya Gill, George Jacob, Erika Kosa, Dylan Nguyen, Harkirat Sanghera, Aleena Shaikh

Farewell and Good Luck…

The following staff will be on to new adventures in September … we hope that you will look back at your time here at TE Scott with fond memories. Please know that you will be missed!

Ms. Peardon… Congratulations on your Retirement

Ms. Gardner, Ms. Singhera, Ms. A. Taylor, Ms. Velonis, Ms. Koehler, Ms. Dhillon, Ms. Kang, Ms. Cheema, Ms. Law, Ms. Sharma, Ms. Nanda, Ms. Simmons, Mr. Butt, Ms. Bascombe, and Ms. Wilson

Do We Have Talent?… Absolutely…

Twenty – nine acts,  which included 84 of our very own TE Scott Students took the stage Wednesday afternoon and wowed us with their skills at our Talent Show.  We were entertained with a variety of talents: singing, dancing (many genres), joke telling and the violin.  Congratulations to all of our performers.

Special thank you to Ms. Singh and Mr. Poon for organizing this terrific event!

Thank you PAC…

A HUGE Thank to our very hard working PAC.  This small but very powerful group has organized hot lunches, Christmas Basket Raffle, Chocolate Fundraiser, Book Fair, my favorite … Smencils… and so much more.  With the generous support of our Community, the PAC has done an amazing job raising money which in turn helps support our students.  The hours and hours that they put in organizing and counting money is all for our KIDS!  Our PAC makes sure that each teacher and support worker has funds to help purchase items needed to support student learning, money towards both the grade 7 and Kindergarten Celebrations, the Magician, and a performance by the Pow Wow Dancers just to name a few and….. our PAC just purchased all the new outside play equipment for next year, special art supplies and more filament for our 3D printer…. Thank you so much.  We have 4 members of our PAC executive and 5 very hardworking volunteers.

President – Dal Dhillon

Vice President – Nancy Bahia

Treasurer  – Reno Sihota  

Secretary – Norman Gluck

Fundraising  Chair – Gurpreet Kahlon

Hot Lunch – Jackie Malm, Tammy Sawatzky, Hollea Larochelle and April Mills

On behalf of our staff, “Thank you for the delicious lunch!”  It was enjoyed by all and much appreciated!


•Thank you to our extended Community Family for the delicious snack of samosas, chickpeas and fruit on Monday. It was very thoughtful and enjoyed by all staff.  What a treat!

Remember to Mark your calendars…

School starts September 4th for 1 hour only 10:00 – 11:00 am

Have a wonderful, happy and safe summer!

Please see our TE Scott Facebook page for recent photos!

Looking for School Supplies?

School supplies can still be ordered online at 

• orders will be accepted until August 1st.










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