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Bulldog Bulletin # 8 February 2017

Posted on Feb 24, 2017 in Bulldog Bulletin, School News | 0 comments

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TE Scott Science Fair 2017… Outstanding!

Congratulations to all of our grade 4 – 7 students for creating, researching, building and presenting some incredible Science Fair projects.  

The judges… Mr. Dekerf, Ms. Ellis and Ms. Zarin were very impressed with the quality of our Division Finalist projects:

Jai Sahota – Circulatory System, Anaya Kumar – Acids Turn Milk Into Plastic, Hannah Mani – The Nervous System, Anela Kanealii – The Corrosiveness of Coke, Simran Rayat – Think Before You Drink, Gwenie Quidasol – Why Are Crystals and Minerals Different From Each Other, Rhea Prasad – The Lemon Battery, Taranvir Dhanoa – Volcanoes, Halisha Dhaliwal – Silk Worms, Arjun Dhami – Balloon Powered Car, Karen Sodhi – Generator, Anthony Vuong – Oobleck, Muskaan Kaur – Which Hand Made Battery Works Best?, Salman Hashir – Animal Cells, Matthew Santiago and Kevin Le – Speed Of Light, Aleena Shaikh – Evaporation Rates, Dhiya and Saaya Gill – What Stains the Teeth, Prabh Kahlon – Musical Memory, Raina, Arneja – Are You Left or Right Brained?, Doan Truong and Rebecca Diego – Which Gender Has a Better Memory? Nathanial Zwedie – Rollercoaster Marble How to Loop the Loop, Hailey Manhas and Raminder Bal – DIY Nail Polish.

  • Congratulations to our Judge’s Honorable Mention Projects: Nathanial Zewdie – Rollercoaster How to Loop the Loop, Raina Arneja – Are You Left Brained or Right Brained?, Salman Hashir – Animal Cells

The following students and their projects will be moving on to the District Finals. Congratulations:           

  • Halisha Dhaliwal – Silk Worms, Aleena Shaikh – Evaporation Rates, Matthew Santiago and Kevin Le – Speed of Light, Dhiya and Saaya Gill – What Stains Teeth

Good Luck!

Please check out our TE Scott Facebook page for photos!

Coming up next week: All students in Kindergarten to grade 7 will begin their 6 sessions of  dance lessons during their gym times.  Please remember to come dressed to participate.  Vanessa Prasad will be instructing and creating dances for each grade. Thank you to our PAC for providing this opportunity for all of our students.  Super fun!



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