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Bulldog Bulletin #1

Posted on Sep 15, 2016 in Bulldog Bulletin | 0 comments

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Terrific Start to our 2016-2017 School Year!

Thank you to all of our staff who made this September’s start up run so smoothly. Our teachers have worked long hours this past week getting their classrooms and curricula ready. Thank you parents for your patience during the first week of school. We are required to wait for confirmation from the District regarding our final staffing before we place our students in their classes.

We are very happy to announce that all students have now been placed into their classes. Our entire staff has spent many, many hours over the past few days to determine the most appropriate placement for each student.   We have carefully created and reviewed our classes so that they are balanced with students’ academic and social needs in mind.

 All students will line up at 8:30 in their designated outside area.   If you (parent) are not sure of which area …. please ask your child where they will be lining up. We are looking forward to a wonderful year with all of our TE  Scott Community.

Our school day begins with our Welcome Bell at 8:30 am.    Being on time is so important for academic success! and… It is a GREAT way to begin your day!

Taiko Drumming…

We celebrated the start of our new school year with a fantastic presentation.  The beat and stories of Taiko drumming could be heard in our gym!  We all enjoyed this upbeat toe tapping hand clapping performance.  YAY school!  Check out the photos below…



Introducing OUR  T.E. Scott STAFF…

Grade 6 and 7 Team:

Mr. B. Dann, Ms. A. Gardner/Ms. K. Taylor, Ms. R. Singhera, Ms. K. Jickling, Ms. B. Gaines

Grade 4 and 5 Team:

Mr. I. Mattoo, Ms. M. Carlos, Ms. M. Nasserjah, Ms.  A. Velonis/Ms. L. Marriott, Ms.  Rupi Gill

Grade 3 Team:

Ms. Ronnie Gill, Ms. J. Singh, Ms. M. Gandham

Grade 2 Team:

Ms. S. Bibrich, Ms. J. Nikkel, Ms. Marna

Grade 1 Team:

Ms. L. Litfin, Ms. M. Fuller/Ms. C. Koehler, Ms. N. Postnikoff, Ms. K. Salary

Kindergarten Team:

Ms. S. Luhmann, Ms. M. Oliver, Ms. S. Eastman

Learning Support Teachers:

Ms. H. Sone, Ms. T. Zacher, Ms. K. Taylor, Ms. M. Chorney, Ms. K. Sangha, Ms. A. Johal

Learning Commons Teacher Librarian:

Mr. G. Poon

Integration Support Teacher:

Mr. D. Chila

Student Support Workers:

Ms. S. Ahmadi, Ms. L. Liberto, Ms. C. Baker, Ms. C. Reddy, Ms. M. Vinogradov, Ms. G. Bhasin,

Ms. V. Black, Ms. L. Peardon, Ms. K. Wilson, Ms. T. Spooner


Ms. L. Marriott


Mme L. Kamarn


Ms. C. Genschorek

Childcare Worker:

Ms. K. Simons

Front Office: Ms. Dianne MacKenzie and Ms. Lisa  Zarin

Vice Principal: Mr. Don Chila  Principal:  Ms. Susan McCuaig


Walking to School

We strongly encourage all students who live within walking distance to walk to school. Without a doubt it is great exercise and better for the environment. For those families who need to drive your child to school, please be aware of the traffic behind you and do not block traffic or double park when letting your child off. Please remember our Parking Lots are for STAFF ONLY.  Use the Drop Off Lane in front of our school, and take note of the new No  Parking signs! The safety of all our students at TE Scott must take precedence over convenience.

 “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” Aristotle

                                                                                                                                 Reminder: please sign up for our TE Scott Facebook page to catch up on all the latest pictures and events.  Thank you Mr. Poon for setting up and managing this page.

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