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Bulldog Bulletin #1 – September 11, 2015

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Terrific Start to our 2015-2016 School Year!

Thank you to all our staff who have made this September’s start up run so smoothly. Our teachers have worked long hours for the past 2 weeks getting their classrooms and curricula ready. Thank you parents for your patience during this first week of school. As of today 31 new students have registered at TE Scott. We are required to wait for confirmation from the District regarding our final staffing before we place our students in their classes. This year it worked in our favour as yesterday after school we were informed that we are getting an additional class to fit in our student population of 506. As always our staff will be carefully creating our classes so they are balanced with students’ academic and social needs in mind. Students will be placed into their 2015 -2016 classes next week.

Once again, thank you for your patience.


Meet Our New Staff

We are pleased to welcome the following new staff to T.E. Scott:

Vice Principal: Don Chila

Teachers: Melissa Porth, Inder Matoo, Anita Johal, Lori Callies, Kate Taylor,

Julia Boyd, Daryl Penner (Band)

Education Assistants: Kezia Kant, Tara Chohan

CYCW: Robin Tolksdorff

Supervisory Aide: Sana Cheema


Important School Info


TE Scott Planners go on sale Monday! Students in grades 1 -7 please bring $5.00 to purchase your Planner!



Please Note: We strongly encourage all students who live within walking distance to walk to school. Without a doubt it is great exercise. For those families who need to drive your child to school, please be aware of the traffic behind you and do not block traffic or double park when letting your child off. Please remember our Parking Lot is for STAFF ONLY. Please use the Drop Off Bay in front of our school.

This is a drop and keep moving zone!


The safety of all our students at TE Scott must take precedence over convenience.


Our Meet the Teacher night is combined with our…Second Annual TE Scott Country Dance


Family Event: Thursday, September 24th

Meet the Teacher 5:00 – 6:00pm

Country Dancing will begin in our gym at 6pm and go ‘til 7pm!

Find your Cowboy Boots! Dust off your Cowboy Hat and mosey on down to TE Scott for some country dancing!

Free Admission.


Terry Fox Run: Friday, September 25th!

“I wanted to try the impossible and show that it could be done.” – Terry Fox

This year marks the 36th Anniversary of Terry Fox’s run across Canada. Our Terry Fox Run is happening Friday, September 25th starting at 1pm. This is a school-wide event. All students will be participating. Watch for more details coming soon…


Thank you for all your beautiful smiles in the morning and your enthusiastic, “Good Morning Mrs. McCuaig!”


Important Dates to Remember

September 8, 2015 Schools open

September 22, 2015 Photo Day

September 24, 2015 Meet the Teacher & Country Dance

September 28, 2015 Non-instructional day – No school for students


October 12, 2015 Thanksgiving Day Holiday

October 21, 2015 Photo Retake Day

October 23, 2015 Non-instructional day – No school for students

October 28, 2015 First Interim Reports Distributed


November 6, 2015 Diwali Celebration

November 10, 2015 Remembrance Day Assembly, 10am

November 11, 2015 Remembrance Day Holiday

November 13, 2015 Non-instructional day



December 8, 2015 First Formal Report Cards Distributed

December 10, 2015 Early Dismissal at 1:30pm for Parent Teacher Conferences

December 16, 2015 Christmas Concert

December 18, 2015 Last Day before Winter Vacation

December 21, 2015 – January 3, 2016 Winter vacation


January 4, 2016 Schools reopen after winter vacation


February 8, 2016 Family Day Holiday

February 19, 2016 Non-instructional day – No school for students


March 10, 2016 Second Formal Report Cards Distributed

March 11, 2016 Last Day before schools close for Spring Break

March 14 – March 28, 2016 Spring Break

March 29, 2016 Schools reopen after Spring Break


April 28, 2016 Early Dismissal at 10pm for Student Led Conferences

April 29, 2016 Class, Team, and Panorama Photos


May 6, 2016 Non-instructional day – No school for students

May 23, 2016 Victoria Day Holiday

May 30, 2016 Non-instructional day – No school for students


June 3, 2016 Sports Day

June 23, 2016 Last Day of School (Third Formal Report Cards Distributed, Early Dismissal at 1:30pm for Parent Teacher Conferences)

June 24, 2016 Admin Day – Schools close


School Hours 2015-2016









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